Sour Cookies Solventless Hash from Colorado Extract Co.

Sour Cookies Solventless Hash from Colorado Extract Co.

October 13, 2015

For those who know the thrill (and sometimes disappointment) of trying something new, the gamble is only heightened at a cannabis store. That’s why it’s nice to find gems like CEC’s SHO (Solvlentless Hash Oil)--a pale, beautiful concoction that stands out on the shelf. This one combines Sour Amnesia and Sin Min Cookies, hand-mixed and microplaned to ensure amazing moisture balance and overall cleanliness.

  That perfection was evident from the start: Our sample crumbled like a fine pastry (“snickerdoodle”) so fresh and clean, like “a bar of ivory soap, and jar of wax, had a kid.” The cure and dry had been executed with precision. A lilt of lavender hung on the palate, which came out more spicy and creamy-pine as we dabbed.

  The 1st puff got right on top of us, yanked us by the eyelids and sucked us down a vortex. It was a quick little meander through the universe, then Zap--back into reality. The limbs, down to the fingers, echoed with the debilitating numbness that ensued such that it was difficult to concentrate.

  Letting go--allowing fingertips and feet do the work--allowed us to sit at our transcendental post, observing our own behaviors ala “Being John Malkovich.” We managed and assessed from afar, somewhat resigned but at the same time invested and in complete control. It was a creative muse, not in improvisation on the spot, but in the potential to churn out a quantity of lucid writing if leaving things up to the muscles.

  At the very base, our bodies rang with a solid buzz, but the fun part was all cerebral. Across the forehead, like a strip of water, the sensation bubbled and pressed into the eyebrows, turned into an expansion outward, as if pulling us to our destiny with every step forward. Munchies raged and ranged from mac n’ cheese, to full backyard picnic menu.

  Three hours at minimum, up to ten hours with residual after-effects, critics experienced a wide range of comfort and adventure, but most desired the laid-back refuge of a living room to find their inner peace by the end. With pleasurable zone-out, and clean taste on the tongue, this rosin begged for a re-visit in the future. Although it doesn’t look familiar, it was a powerful selection, and most of all, pure--double entendre intended.

Photography by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encylopedia