Sundae Driver #10 from Quality Choice

Sundae Driver #10 from Quality Choice

May 21, 2019

  Sundae Driver #10 is a suitable name for this hybrid, a double entendre that conjures both a lackadaisical traveler, and the ice-cream sundae-like creaminess of its flavor. The combination of parents Grape Pie and Fruity Pebbles OG makes for a strain you can bring to a light breakfast wake ‘n bake, or, enjoy as evening “dessert strain.” Either way, you’re not going anywhere quick.

  Quality Choice graciously supplied us with flower; the huge, spongy nuggets looked almost painted blue and gray in mysterious shades dotting a sugary landscape. They were “the kind of the  bud to impress your out-of-state friends,” wearing an appearance of a Misty Mountain cup-winner. An essence of vanilla, berries and blossoms erupted into a pleasant musky oak, tart on the nose as she was ground and packed.

  The first puff immediately froze us in time. A strong vibe right in the core radiated out, striking each extremity with simultaneous electricity and heaviness. Cross-eyed, it took a short while to properly move or talk. But there was no need. The momentum was completely gone -- although we could move, the world was becoming more brilliant to behold and we couldn’t help but look around in wonder for a half hour.

  Nothing could paint a better picture than that of an eager-but-extremely-slow adventurer, nowhere to be in any hurry, with barely a destination on the map. “It’s like living a Winnie The Pooh story,” a critic remarked. Another wrote that he could almost imagine Bobby McFerrin singing “Don’t Worry Be Happy” in the background. We tried to go “out” and were inquisitive about every detail in our environment, such that we had only walked a few blocks for snacks, and it seemed like an epic task.

  Snack hard, we did, and some napped hard too, especially after an ice-cream sugar crash. But beholding the world in a worry-free state was one of the most unique experiences of the week--given the stress of day-to-day life in present times--and she really took off that edge. It goes without saying this bud makes for a great Sunday staple -- but with an open four-hour window, it can improve any day that rattles your nerves.