Sunset Sherbert x High Octane from La Bodega

Sunset Sherbert x High Octane from La Bodega

February 22, 2020

The cross of Sunset Sherbert and High Octane creates an effect not unlike freeze-framing a race on the strip--then proceeding in slow motion, processing the sights whizzing by--as the speedy Lemon Thai and psychedelic Chemdawg of High Octane enhance the up-and-down unwinding of another GSC (aka Girl Scout Cookies) descendant. Our sample crop--from long-time friends at La Bodega--was in finely-cured form and pleasantly stank up the entire house. 

   The jar was full of plump buds with trichomes “as far as the eye can see,” almost slate purple in color at arm’s length, under closer inspection revealing fiery hairs and hidden jade bracts. Sparkling like gumdrops, her essence was richly diesel, “kind of like what you’d smell leaving a gas station,” mixed with the fruity punch of grapefruit, dark plums and grapes. A creamy, sugary aroma erupted in the grinder, where the perfectly-cured specimen decimated into tons of trichome dust. 

   The first hit went straight to the head, all of us stealthily bested by a smooth and mysterious smoke that totally overtook body and mind like parts of an engine--and revved them into full throttle. Despite a brief ten minutes of disorienting fog, the power in our muscles and joints was invigorating, renewing us, sending us into a dizzying but creatively-driven search for novelty and social comfort. 

   Cerebrally torn to shreds--yet with at least the illusion of mind and body control--we were spastically stupid at times, but able to keep up with conversations, even a difficult board game. There were no limits to our activities, and routines remained unaffected. “It was worth the drive,” noted one critic, “This is my new zen strain. It’s perfect the way it is.” Another, clearly affected by too many Rick and Morty episodes, declared, “It had a positive influence on my productivity; my motivation is motivated.”

   Silliness and explorative euphoria cut through the boredom of the otherwise quiet afternoon for about 2 hours at full potency (4 hours to completely wear off cerebrally). For the duration we were declaratively confident, boldly adventurous with maybe a little too much braggadocio. Audacity aside, we walked away with renewed spirits, jovial and lightened, muscles still tingling into the night.