Tangilope Solventless Bubblehash from CEC

Tangilope Solventless Bubblehash from CEC

March 25, 2020

We don’t see a lot of razor-ripped sativas come through the office. But like a roller coaster, the thrill of Tangilope can make for a wonderful experience every now and then even if it isn’t normally your cup of tea. The roaring zaniness of Tangie’s high, combined with the esoteric vertigo of Chocolope should prompt even connoisseurs to dose wisely. Still, this is the sativa lover’s paradise. The Red Bull for your day. And by that we mean, launched skyward during the Red Bull Flugtag competition.

We were treated to beautiful solventless Tangilope bubble hash from our friends at Colorado Extract Company, sister company of Altitude Organic. They’ve been making premium solventless hash since 2014, and it shows (AOM likes to infuse their pre-rolls with it to make them last uber-long). The terps were powerful; a woody pine aroma jumped from the jar, morphing into the subtle musky citrus so familiar from AOM’s harvest. Like fine golden-white sand, it was dense, almost like fluffy powder, but was soft and malleable, and easy to scoop. 

The first puff was slammed the brakes, uncurling the horizon, smearing all nearby objects into momentary, nebulous blurs, all sound into a telescopic buzz. “Instantly knew I'd taken a good hit,” jotted a critic, noting it was best to just lean back and “let it flood the senses.” It took only a few minutes for the cozy stupor to overtake the rest of the body thoroughly. Giddy (if not, elated), we sat grinning to ourselves as the revolving world sputtered to a crawl. 

One puff was enough. Zoned out, each of us spent a while “contemplating, petting the cat, thinking about the surroundings,” as one critic put it. Everything was hilarious. Or “mind-numbingly awe-striking,” conjuring “lots of double takes followed by long stares.” Even with our fuzzy misinterpretations, the stone was functional on all primary levels, and non-stop. “Over the course of 8-9 hours I probably toked four or five times,” wrote another, who went from morning to evening without burnout.

“This was the perfect snowy-day project-strain,” one critic pined. “Not having anywhere to go or anything pressing, multiple tastes of this hash proved to make a boring day anything but. Music was sweeter, colors more vibrant, the cat's fur was softer than ever. We chilled, until we had to make food--Lots of it.” Bellies full, we were ready for more, and delighted to find another round waiting in the jar, potent as ever.