Tropicana Cookies from Aeriz/Oasis

Tropicana Cookies from Aeriz/Oasis

September 16, 2019

If you’re like us, the name Tropicana Cookies doesn’t necessarily conjure images of a purple gumdrop-like flower smelling of Cascade hops. But then you have to realize these refined genetics combine the already-maddening exotica of Durban Poison and OG Kush of GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) and the coastal skunk of Tangie, pretty-much pushing the envelope on flavor in this zinger of a sativa-leaning hybrid. We were super-excited to procure a sample of the strain grown by Aeriz (and stocked at local Oasis Dispensaries). 

The nugs were dense, true to their cookie lineage, bushy with dark violet leaves, bright orange pistils and a frosty overlay. Exquisite enough to eat, she tempted with a vibrant citrus essence and exploded with hints of cinnamon, lavender, hops and pine in the grinder. “With such an unbelievably delicious fruity flavor, this is a strain you could smoke all summer long,” said one critic. “It tastes and smells like orange juice!”

Flavor and aroma had thankfully not compromised potency. Immediately heady but not in a bad way, the first puff was gentle and nonchalant. Euphoric, we waited as it crept upon us, far more noticeably in head than body. She was mellow at first, uplifting us slowly, like attaching balloon after balloon to a lawn chair. Before long we were on a thought-provoking, very cerebral journey, struck with a reverberating body that seemed to fade away like gelatin. 

We meandered through the euphoria, mostly happy and carefree. Whimsical and imaginative, we were relaxed but not couch-locked. It was almost impossible to resist the lull of deep concentration in far-off daydreams or even the real world in front of us.“I’m focused enough to act on this urge to organize, organize, organize,” noted another critic, “and yet I feel giggly and altruistic at heart.” Everyone reported different experiences, ranging from an hour-long mini-psychedelic ride to a 3-hour cruise.

This batch of cookies provided a balanced, medium-high; we could smoke all day long and still maintain functionality and clarity, especially with low-intensity activity. When necessary, it was easy to go out in public medicated without anxiety or negative thoughts. Over refreshing munchies like a mango or cold IPA, the critics couldn't help but rave: "It doesn’t get better than this."  "This is any smokers dream strain." "THIS IS SO GOOD! Best of the season!" We think you'll agree.