Bay 11 from Quality Choice

Bay 11 from Quality Choice

September 16, 2019

A sativa from legendary Grower Grand Daddy Purp, Bay 11 is an oft-overlooked gem that packs a huge punch, then lingers a long time in dizzying kaleidoscope of introspection. Our sample came by way of the local experts at Quality Choice, who recommend it for “an ability to relax the mind and body, while still keeping you energized and focused on the day's activities.” With a massive “relaxation” session, we CannaCritics put it to the test.

The buds were colorful and spongy, like a forest bed of mossy green, with “blasts of purple sun beams scattered in between.” Deep red hairs and glimmering crystals covered every pocket. A mix of citrus--maybe grapefruit, or Mai Tai -- and pine notes were present throughout grind and spark, flavors critics described as “yummy” and “those of a blue ribbon winner.” 

The smoke barely had time to leave the lips before we feeling what would turn into a rip-tide,  coursing through our muscles. The energy lifted us from our chairs and bounced around the room. Overwhelming joy--so genuine and rare--was upon us within ten minutes as mind separated from body and most pain and discomfort and disappeared. Although slightly foggy-eyed, were so bubbly and youthful that any difficulty in mobility was dealt with undeterred optimism.   

We spent the next several hours in varying stages of reaching zen, or at least newfound connection with our environment, on new levels, such as elevated appreciation of music or the thrill of walking the dog. “I’m easily distracted with a slight separation from the world around me,” wrote one. “But I love the freedom and lack of responsibility right now.” Creativity was also heightened, but critics noted difficulty articulating in the real world. At some point, however, the stunning brain-melt and energy burn prompted a crazy crash on the sofa for many of us, plastering us sedentary. 

From there, the intellectual, philosophical thought processes took over, making post-workout relaxation all the more interesting. The mindset was great for meditation and brainstorming. All around, the high was ideal for both sides of the coin, just as promised, with some panache on the side. “This bud is a little more Elvis, a little less Johnny Cash,” remarked one critic. “I could find myself growing attached!”