Tangerine Kush from Quality Choice

Tangerine Kush from Quality Choice

May 11, 2016

While most indicas relax the body more than the mind, Tangerine Kush provides a stimulating cerebral blast in addition to its full-bodied effects. The strain also earns its fruity moniker from a strong citrus essence and neon orange pistils. Our sample from Quality Choice fit the profile precisely, with a tangy fragrance that filled the room, and a tantalizing aroma that was impossible to deny.

   Our nugget shimmered in crystals coating every square millimeter of neon green right down to its stems. Clusters of bright sunfire hairs protruded from the fluffy buds; they were soft enough to break apart without using a grinder. The scent of sweet citrus with floral undertones followed en suite.

   Light smoke glazed the tongue with a spicy, woody essence and subtle, zesty magnolia. What followed was an exhilarating, thought-provoking thrillride. Creative energy overflowed, as the body reached a gladden state of tranquility. Despite its mild couch-lock, she "motivated the mind while washing away any pain from the body." We were left feeling slightly hazy with a rousing positivity.

   With the effects at full-strength, a fog blanket surrounded us with just enough space to generate some mind-boggling epiphanies. Eventually our thoughts turned toward outdoor activities, such as camping or music festivals, as this particular indica is certainly worth sharing with friends.

  Although the strain's sweetness kept hunger at bay, it was shadowed by a judicious thirst, remedied in this case by frozen mojitos. The effects escalated for an additional hour or two before softly waning. Overall, she induced a blithe disregard for stress, and moderate attraction to comfy chairs--both of which lingered the following morning.