Blue OG from Medibis

Blue OG from Medibis

April 9, 2015

Every now and then, a strain emerges that has you scratching your head - why hasn’t anyone else thought of that? So it is with the nonchalant cross of the popular strains Blueberry and OG Kush; Blue OG is ultimately the match-making cadet’s way of saying, “We finally got those two together.”

 Our specimen came in from Medibis, a quiet and dark bud, ruminating with spice from tiny pine cone clusters. The grind extracted some berry hues, with the musky sweet aroma of bellflowers. The taste was true to blueberry, but dried blueberry at that. We loaded a tall bowl and shared heaping rips - recommended through a giant waterpipe.

 The 1st hit was head-jolting and attention-grabbing--the sort of hit that makes you stop and wait for the grasp on brainstem to work. There was a pleasant body associated, in fact--although the hits were cerebral, the ability to think and operate, even late at night, was enhanced. There was little loss of functionality; rather, everything was simply enjoyable. One critic kept smoking the strain throughout the day and reported that there didn’t seem to be a ceiling, that he could literally get higher and higher. That’s rare.

 One hit would have sufficed for half of the critics, but we’d all agreed to see what two did. Each hit plunged us father from true sobriety, but we did not feel ‘intoxicated’ or impaired. Instead, the strain crept into an extremely workable high with little second guessing or emotional backlash. Then again, it was a difficult to sit still on; movies, performances, lectures and meetings should be avoided. Veteran smokers took three hits and were good for an hour, maybe more; no one really experienced psychedelia; rather, the speculative thinker emerged.

 An easy-going strain for anyone heading to work or official business (like a wedding), the high was manageable, with slight forgetfulness near the end. Critics craved candy and pink lemonade for munchies. The whole episode was light and on its feet, composed but spacy,and covering a span of over the span of 2-3 hours. She was the kind of smoke for when you need to be completely medicated but want people to think otherwise.

Photography from Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia