Bubba Kush from Chronic Therapy

Bubba Kush from Chronic Therapy

October 14, 2015

  Bubba Kush is one of those timeless indicas that dazzles the senses. It can be traced back to the same Hindu Kush lineage that originally emerged from the mountains in Northern Pakistan and Afghanistan. Appropriate for the season, our nugget selection from Chronic Therapy was dense and gorgeous upon inspection, like miniature Christmas trees packed full of snow.

  First impressions were gloriously floral, erupting with sugar as we broke apart the bud. We half-expected to see a candied blueberry underneath the thick pistils and glittery trichomes. With a grind, the unmistakable scent of grapefruit and Fruity Pebbles saturated the air and we were left excitedly anticipating the smoke. The first cloudy hit brought a striking palette of flavors, namely spicy pine with earthy accents.

  The first few minutes of the high were cerebral and exhilarating, like sitting atop a precipice in a roller-coaster, heart pounding, in anticipation of the inevitable drop. In our case, that drop came in a jovial case of couch-lock, as the Kush slowly seeped from head into body.

  Cottonmouth set in quickly, and we craved raspberry lemonade, strawberries, and big bowls of any sugary cereal we could get our hands on. We were hungry, but almost too relaxed to actually get up and into the kitchen. Eventually, one critic managed to acquire a bowl of Frosted Flakes and then devoured it in a truly primordial fashion.

  After the first 20-30 minutes of skyrocketing intensity, her effects peaked around the 2-hour mark, then slowly receded. We felt energetic but also relaxed throughout the high, until the epilogue, when Mr. Sandman paid us a somewhat unexpected visit resulting in several power naps.

  A superb choice overall, this pick was great for watching 90’s cartoons, playing video games or taking in a zombie flick with a fresh Snow apple and a cold glass of milk. Critics happily reported an “intensely fun and relaxing body high, that brings the altitude of the Hindu Kush Mountains straight to your brain.”

Photography by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia