Bubba Tang from The Spot

Bubba Tang from The Spot

May 11, 2016

The Spot sent over a true beauty, Bubba Tango, part of a never-ending arsenal of heavy-hitters. The potent aroma of this Bubba Kush and Tango hybrid overpowered the sinuses immediately, and the sandy mess of trichomes did little to hide splotches of purple and orange pistils. Her delicious aroma was that of Juicy Fruit, topped with brisk pine. With the first spark, mango surfaced, infused with subtle organic undertones.

Our selection of crept, and crept, and did not stop creeping, until total cerebral impairment was upon us -- completely changing our plans for the afternoon. With slight surprise, we were suddenly locked in a daze. Yet, calming sensations erased tension and soreness. Life became a slow-motion film scene.

Within an hour of smoking, we were pleasantly staring off into space with little motivation to leave our seats. The moderate psychoactive effects peaked and remained constant for a full two hours before slowly fading. Idle forms of distraction offered new thrills, as long as we could remain sedentary.

As hoped, the creeping climb seized the senses and delivered a solid three-to-four-hour high after just a few puffs. A water-pipe is recommended to handle the heavy, heady hits. You'll also want to find your comfort zone as self-reflection and uninterrupted zone out were preferred. A mild case of the munchies sought chicken alfredo, cheesecake and a refreshing chardonnay -- which helped restore our sinuses to their state of rest.