Gorilla Glue #4 x Do-Si-Dos from AOM

Gorilla Glue #4 x Do-Si-Dos from AOM

February 22, 2020

Frankly, the combination of the resinous, sticky Gorilla Glue with anything --especially the mega-sedating Do-Si-Do--is a recipe for a couch-bound trip through time. Like a frosted cookie, you’ll come to know this cross by its strong indica effects and spicy flavor putting you at ease--if not, into a total trance--all with a delirious smile pasted on your face. If you’ve been lately been asking, “how ‘bout we take the day off?” then this hybrid is the Cameron Frye to your Ferris Bueller. 

   Our sample from AOM was expertly-grown. She was a spongy “salad of mixed greens” with thick orange hairs like red-sandstone and “glistening icicles delicately covering every inch." Her woody musk carried a little berry and pine, mixed like a mojito. “Toothpaste should leave your mouth tasting like this,” one critic applauded. The smoke was a milky thick and so tasty that it was almost distracting.

   The high smacked us abruptly into a whole other realm. What began as a "functional bliss" transformed into drool-worthy daze, as the jagged tension and sharp pangs evaporated from our muscles like air from deflating tires. One critic reported "instantaneous loss of thought, slightly wobbly feeling, pleasantly calming my whole world, slowing it to a near-stop." For the next hour that wobble kept creeping despite  a gradually- stabilizing horizon. 

   Euphoric but lost in the throes of comfort, we relaxed in earnest. Our spacey carpet-ride conjured phrases like "mental constipation" and the sensation of floating down a quiet river. The mind struggled to keep up -- fun in some cases, unless having to paying attention--but likewise made the inane tolerable, as in the case of one critic who still found it “pretty chill" to be dragged along for a car ride in dead traffic.

   Raging munchies ranged from authentic Mexican to readily accessible boxed microwave cuisine. Fresh coffee "never tasted so good" and we needed it. The “little powerhouse” had sucked all the energy out (and focus, for a window of time) but critics agreed it was well worth the pain relief. For some it was a lingering high and long-lasting -- for others it ended abruptly after 2-4 hours. But consider this nug a connoisseur's choice, ”tasty down to the tip of the spliff” with a different complex stone in store for everyone.