Gorilla Glue from CannaMeds

Gorilla Glue from CannaMeds

October 14, 2015

Layered in beautiful hues of bright green and dark orange hairs, Gorilla Glue provokes mental imagery of mist rising from the mountain jungle. As an avid cup-winner, this potent hybrid is thought to be the offspring of Chemsis, Chocolate Diesel and Sour Dubb. An examination of our specimen from Canna Meds, certainly made obvious how and why it earned such a moniker: the large, super-sticky trichomes absolutely saturated the bright green leaves and left our fingers stickier than a chameleon’s tongue.

  Upon the initial grind, the piney aroma gave rise to powerful accents of sweet citrus as the bud burst apart to reveal even larger trichomes. The first puff tasted slightly metallic but also sweet, and exhaled smoothly in a creamy, thick cloud perfect for smoke rings. We thought we’d be glued to our chairs in a matter of seconds.

  Surprisingly, this was not the case. We maintained friendly conversations without spacing out and were able to stay relatively focused on the task at hand. The high rushed straight to the forehead, then and crept smoothly down the spine, leaving us fully relaxed without feeling couch-locked and lazy. One critic even forgot he was wearing glasses until a solid 20 minutes into the Gorilla’s grip.

  We felt happy, chilled and relaxed after tangoing with the initial crazy head-highs.  “This isn’t a strain that will blast you to the moon and make you forget about Earth,” wrote one critic, “but rather one to inspire creativity and produce brilliant epiphanies without becoming overly forgetful.” Our saturation levels peaked after about 30 minutes and then smoothly descended over the next couple of hours.  

  Paired with the music of Bonobo and a refreshing blue Gatorade and caramel chew, this smoky Gorilla strain really fired on all cylinders and made the afternoon. Added bonus effects were a good body buzz and pain alleviation, leaving us more than willing to rendezvous again in the future. You just can’t argue with results: bring out the Gorilla when weaker flower just won’t do the trick.

Photography by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia