Jungle Nugs from AOM

Jungle Nugs from AOM

September 16, 2019

Jungle Nugs are an unspoken part the Altitude Organic Medicine story; as far Colorado industry history goes, AOM created this White Widow derivative, and we believe them to be the only ones still growing it. The indica-leaning hybrid is a customer favorite -- and we got to see why: not only do the buds look like huge sponges rolled in sugar, but each puff delivers wacky euphoria as preamble to an hours-long vortex.

The buds were large and girthy, of dark neon flair, with bright cantaloupe stubble and glistening crystal cover. At first they smelled a little like grapefruit, but noted “berry cobbler” and layers of spruce. The fruity flavors erupted upon grinding, as well as a whole bouquet of botanic aromas, like opening the greenhouse doors.    

Immediately the flower riveted us upright, alert, maintaining balance and focus as if drilled through the brain by William Tell’s arrow. The trickle-down effect followed en suite as other extremities tingled and fell suddenly warm and relaxed. So relaxed were we that it felt inevitable to stop and sit down to make plans, unable to go further without some sort of direction. We were absolutely floating in the ether otherwise.

Over time the harmonious connections, wind on our faces and deep breathing brought us to a familiar and recognizable state of safety and relief. Absolutely nothing hurt throughout the body. It allowed the mind to activate all sorts of other paths through psychedelic and abstract exploration. Movies were so much better -- the explosions, the humor -- and a backyard barbecue was more laid-back and congenial among friends.

For up to 4-5 hours in daytime, we meandered, although not in a crushing daze. “I could engage in conversation; I knitted while I watched a show,” noted a critic. “These are things I can’t always do during a high-potency high.” Then again, when taken late enough in the evening, Jungle Nugs push will push you right over the edge into sleep. “I just sat in my recliner and took a nap before bed-time,” another wrote. “It was glorious.”