Lemon Cookies from Three Rivers

Lemon Cookies from Three Rivers

September 16, 2019

With so many takes on GSC (formerly Girl Scout Cookies) we're always trying out new amalgamations, and we were jazzed to procure some Lemon Cookies from local staple, Three Rivers Organics. With Lemon Skunk in the lineage, the OG Kush essence from both parents  reaches the pinnacle of its spectacular metamorphosis here, from terps to effects like giddy happiness and laid-back floating. The result was a flamboyant, spaced out, gravity-free social hour unique all to its own signature high.

Our buds were plump and well-trimmed, notably technicolor--featuring splotches of deep purple--with bristly sandy brown stubble. A melange of various aromas filled the room as we cracked them open--grapefruit to lemon, with spicy, earthy undertones. From the perfectly fine grind to a sticky bowl and clean spark, the smoke was so smooth, it was almost easy to take an unexpectedly big puff. 

The first hit was disarming but hit squarely, drilling into the frontal lobe. “It relieved a bad headache almost immediately, then slowly relaxed me more throughout the body,” wrote one critic. Like string puppets, we were pulled off our feet, tension lifting as if becoming lighter in weight. Even each step was lighter. And each idea or sound for that matter, prompted a space-cruise of senses, some psychedelic, and almost all of them, silly.  

One thing was clear: this flower was an appetite stimulant like none other. We got the munchies, and hard. “Ice cream became a religion,” recorded a critic at the height of her high. “Normally I don’t like it a ridiculous amount. But everything changed! It's amazing, so smooth and cold and LIFE-changing. I had a Butterfinger Sonic Blast and I gotta tell ya, I don’t think I will ever have a dessert that will live up to it.”

The long-lasting, bewildering stupor made good for hanging out, movies (especially funny, weird) or gaming. “I’m a bit couch-locked, but I still want to do something stimulating,” reported another critic. “I felt like I was inside my head, but still ready to socialize--with the right crowd.” We could barely fight the tendency to stop in the middle of activities, seizing upon each next opportunity -- which was just fine, given the flow of life for those three hours. For an idyllic afternoon with casual adventure, Lemon Cookies isn’t just companion - it’s the spark.