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June 18, 2018
San Francisco, CA

The Lazy Lion became a last-minute location for this year’s “Secret Cup,” so we stopped by to check out some of the club’s Orange Sour Dub shatter, an amber-honey delicacy worth acquainting yourself with. The sample was amber-honey in hue and super stable - so stable that it would shatter across the room if not careful. Her aroma was nonchalant--lightly floral, even spicy sage tones also revealed a tart cream aftertaste.
   Most of us only required one dab but the adventurous went for two. Either way, The immediate pulverization was unexpected but enjoyable. “Respect the strength,” wrote one reviewer. “This one’s a heavy hitter.” The high took full grasp of body and mind, first with an electric current that came swift and heavy. Narcotic, cerebral vibrations rocked us for at least fifteen minutes, bringing waves of  pain-alleviation and general cognitive cloudiness. The experience was climbing for another 30 minutes as we all settled into a “fantastically medicated” zone-out.
   The group dynamic became philosophical and “conversational” right off from the start. For the most part, after the first heavy jolts, the high turned out to be very functional and “exciting.” Only one critic thought it impairing, reporting semi-difficulty with simple tasks. But for the rest, focus was enhanced and workload lightened. We were satisfied and motivated. Only one “munchie” was requested: a carne-asada burrito with all the fixings. Most were just happy with water, to battle the massive cotton-mouth.
   “The spacy times are always an adventure,” one critic wrote. “Mind was fairly quiet, but yearned to see faces I haven’t seen in years. With good music and food to match, the ideal selection for an intimate party. Uplifting but somewhat mellow at the same time, the milder plateau of the high near the end made for a good buzz to “venture out for city events with big crowds.”
   Overall, the smoke was a flavor-packed, mouth-watering, clear-headed and smooth high that could be enjoyed night or day, for any occasion. Although the full climb and descent lasted 3-5 hours, the remnants accompanied us for the rest of the day.

Photo by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia

Published on November 2, 2014
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