Purple Cherry Ultra Refined Live Resin from Quality Choice

Purple Cherry Ultra Refined Live Resin from Quality Choice

July 18, 2019

The process to create Ultra Refined Live Resin produces an immaculate and smooth product that makes you feel like you’re dabbing silk in Monte Carlo. Even better, it amplifies the purest of tastes from the bud, a thrilling palate when you’re talking about the lip-smacking berry Koolaid flavors of Cherry Cream Pie #5 and Purple Punch. Together they make an indica-dominant hybrid that is as delicious as it is powerful, and we were able to pick up a sample from Quality Choice.

We critics recognize both parents for their taste, but this was different. A bit like smelling the creamy red raspberry of frozen yogurt, the tart, dark but effervescent terpenes hit us almost like chewing blueberry bubblegum. We would’ve expected nothing less of what appeared to be pure THC gold; it scraped light and fluffy, and was easy to manage out of the container. 

The first puff was bold in flavor and crept tirelessly in reverberating magnitude. The intense sensation in our lungs and spine transformed into a warm nonchalance as the high distributed. Within 5-10 minutes, “fizzing” sensations flowed to each limb, offering a boost--if not, “whiplash of energy”--to do something active. A few critics noted they felt “a little heavy and lopsided,” but “not in a bad way.”

With heads mildly foggy but ready for action, we dispersed mindlessly into the open world. One critic attempted to cross errands off a to-do list, while another opted for one-on-one time with Mother Nature. We were far more talkative than we were functional; drawn to interpersonal connection, our experience was social, ideal for a summer night concert on the green. Meanwhile, the tense pains had been erased into afterthought. 

After a few hours the high faded abruptly, leaving only a craving for more. Unlike many potent strains, lethargy was not an issue in its wake. Whether a special occasion, impressing friends, or just getting the most out of a toke, make this your prelude to a mild physical activity to loosen the muscle -- or even as an evening dessert. Paradoxically, one can find soar and mellow out in the same puff. It’s rare, it’s weird -- but it’s delightful.