Purple Lemon Skunk from La Bodega

Purple Lemon Skunk from La Bodega

May 11, 2016

Never have we been disappointed by La Bodega’s specialty strains or friendly service, and their Purple Lemon Skunk has raised the bar for top-shelf product. This family-owned business puts a lot of pride and care into their plants, and the attention to detail is unmistakable. Boasting gigantic sugary buds, the P.L. Skunk is one of the most superb visual examples of growing-done-right.

The nug’s brilliant dark green hues and lime undertones were almost overshadowed by  pockets of imperial violet foliage decorating the dazzling morsels. Her impressive looks were heightened by wiry orange hairs cross-weaving a thick coat of trichomes. Even before breaking apart, the distinct smells of grape juice and lemons announced their holy matrimony. And with the grind brought out the elusive and creamy Skunk.

The first hit was easy on the lungs and but riveting for the mind. The world turned 180 degrees in a slow motion, in a knee-jerk electric body shock much like “jumping into deep waters.” In a few moments, the sensation repealed ever so slightly, but the goggles remained for at least a solid half hour of initial hazy splendor.

The climb continued for another few hours, during which the best place in the world was none other than a comfortable sofa. The selection had a calming and comforting effect on the mind and body, which made it a great choice after a long journey. Cottonmouth set in. We felt extremely relaxed but not out of commission. Then again, if you plan on partaking in this strain at night, you’ll find yourself on the Goodnight Train in no time.

To get the full experience, be sure to have some peanut butter cups or chocolate-dipped bananas on hand and wash them down with tall goblet of Port wine. After a cumbersome day filled with adult responsibilities, bring this fruity skunk to accompany your float down lazy river.