Purple Punch SHO Sauce from AOM

Purple Punch SHO Sauce from AOM

May 21, 2019

You don’t see a lot of Grandaddy Purp these days--and man, do we miss that Bubblicious grape flavor. So we were extra-excited to try SHO Rosin Sauce from Purple Punch--a GP cross with Larry OG--by Colorado Extract Company (CEC), using Altitude Organic Medicine’s flower. Call it a double-treat: CEC’s solventless hash oil has consistently been some of the purest around town--and we love AOM’s Purple Punch because it tastes like Boo Berry cereal (no lie).

The sauce looked similar to golden-light brown sugar sitting in shallow water, but all stuck together pleasantly, not soupy at all. As she returned to room temp (the store keeps it cold) the aroma grew, and so did our smiles. It was the familiar, delicious tart berry we remembered, “exactly what you’d think the color purple would smell like.” Another critic compared it to “if you took good Headband and poured grape juice on it.”

The initial puff left us speechless, accompanied by a slight drop in gravity and loss of control. It was easy to rip huge plumes without knowing it, because she was so smooth and didn’t overpower the lungs. The head unscrewed like a jar of fireflies and they all flew out, and in a stupor we staggered into the dusk, looking for a comfy spot to land.

The visceral experience kicked in about 15 minutes after initial puffs, with pain relief starting deep within the bones and systems and progressing outward. Starting in the abdomen, the pangs of tension and joint aches disappeared. Critics felt numbness most in the shoulder blades and lower body, but each was different. “My headache is gone,” one critic remarked, snapping her fingers.

The high-powered psychedelia was a pleasure and lasted just long enough to prepare food, eat and enjoy. Then a few more minutes of meditation gathered us together for social ambiance and laughing before we dazed off, one by one, into a silence of reflection. After a while a few of us felt the counterweight of undeniable slumber, awaiting us. Every part of the experience was pleasurable, relaxing--exactly the moment of escape we needed.