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June 22, 2018
San Francisco, CA

You won’t get a more Afghani-bred strain than Purple Kush, the 100% Indica cross of Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. Our sample from RedEye Releaf came in fluffy but dense, perfectly cured, and perfectly cut, with golden THC cover. Grind and spark unleashed the odors of black currant and taste of plantains (with a hint of spice).
   The first hit struck right between the eyes. It was heavy, immediately, starting in the jaw, back to the brainstem, and then down to upper back and legs. More waves would come. She was an indica creeper indeed, but not with problematic overall physical impairment--and not necessarily tiring, either. Over the first half hour the high surprisingly brought out a few waves of spastic energy, yet relaxed through the head. It took a while for the high to settle in, subtle at first, but continuously ascending. It wasn’t long before the climb seemed exponential. Everything slowed around us, but we were not down and out.
   We were careful not to sit down prematurely, as it was hard to stand once seated. Disorientation followed, no matter the reviewer body type. Cloudy thinking was unavoidable, but not all was lost: focus and performance were at 80 percent accuracy. No giggle fits ensued or even “weird” feelings--just proper communication, responsibility, and the occasional zone-out.
   When taken at night the Purple Kush will most definitely result in couch lock but only if you let it win. The strain is generally dependable for a mid-day puff, not for creative wizardry but certainly to buffer the tedium of projects or long trips. Critics recommended a deadline-free environment; those who truly enjoyed the strain could handle last-minute schedule changes with flexibility, letting things play out instead of rigidly planning the uncontrollable.
   In that sense, remarked one critic, “you’ll never make it out the door if you smoke this in the morning. Save it for late afternoon or later.” Purple Kush makes the perfect hit before jumping on any mass transportation for a long urban commute, the kind of lull that could get you lost in music but not stuck in a impermeable daze.

Testing provided by CannLabs, Photo Courtesy of Cannabis Encyclopedia

Published on July 22, 2014
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