Purple Cotton from Chronic Therapy

Purple Cotton from Chronic Therapy

April 9, 2015

Maybe it’s Purple Cotton’s diverse heritage that lends to its broad range of tastes and effects: you have all the signatures genetics and effects from Kush and Afghani landraces behind Purple Kush, juxtaposed upon the remarkably delicious global medley forming Cotton Candy’s lineage. Chronic Therapy supplied a delectable sample that delivered the entire spectrum we hoped for, from the full-body bliss to its lip-smacking sweetness.

The taste alone was enough to recommend from the start: the combination of genetics amounted to the spicy dark roast of spun sugar, pungent and intense. It was followed by second and third notes: berry, and citrus. Grinding the gorgeous bright nugs with neon orange hairs, more woody pungence filled the room. Even yet, the smoke was light and clear.

 “Powerful!” one critic cried after the first puff. The world seemed to stop momentarily, as an eye-tingling, eye-watering banshee of a mind-racer knocked us far from physical equilibrium.

The strain’s cerebral effects came quickly but quietly. Those of us who reviewed the strain together anticipated a larger head high and were immediately fooled. It grew at exponential pace, completely unnoticed, until our small group had become the fountainhead of creativity and mysticism. A Wonderlandic magic veiled our surroundings, though it was unique to each of us, and those who medicated with 2.5+ doses were more persistent on being isolated.

Otherwise, the experience was fairly bright and musical, worthy of a singing-in-the-rain optimism, gaining momentum with mid-day energy but completely numbing the body. It wasn’t a stagnant heaviness, but rather, the opposite. We walked with levity, as if gravity were decreasing. Forgetful and unorthodox, many of us were struck the impulse to try new things, although we lacked many of the analytical skills needed to make solid decisions.

 With munchies savory but limited, we landed with a subdued plateau after about three hours, as the resonant body faded. The cerebral insanity only stayed for an hour or two, and at that point, laziness took full control.

We all agreed to promote Purple Cotton as a post-lunch go-to, and what’s more, best in moderation. That is, if on your way to the library, lecture hall, or long work meeting, provided you don’t have to say a word to anyone. Appropriately, it was also very effective at night. On critic reported, “After dark, the high hit both with the initial puff, and then, creeping climax. But once that climax hit, sleep was inevitable. I was out.”

Photography from Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia