Super Lemon Haze from Medibis

Super Lemon Haze from Medibis

October 13, 2015

It used to be that Super Lemon Haze was so common that you could expect to see it on the shelf no matter the dispensary. The market has diversified to an extent, but there’s a reason that this veteran strain hung on for so long as a staple standard, and still holds that label in parts of the country. When grown correctly, it makes for the perfect daytime go-to. But with such widespread availability, it’s best to buy from an outfit that knows and maintains the strain especially well.

  One great source for the SLH is Medibis in Colorado Springs, whose specimen, although fluffy, was actually meaty bud with huge calyxes. Connoisseurs will enjoy the sugary, organic creaminess, almost like a gumdrop, with a hint of Limonene. The classical haze aroma bloomed as we cracked open the nugget, but the real surprise came as the essence erupted upon grinding. It was so heavenly and mouth-watering, that we stopped in our tracks. This SLH is worth sampling solely for that taste, if not, scrubbing the bowl prior to each session.

  The first hit was a subtle smack, accompanied with a rising, floating, lift. There was no torrential onslaught of craziness. But it was conjuring a storm behind the scenes. Lips abuzz, we felt an invisible hat expand as the creeper took 10-20 minutes to really sink in. Then we hit a new plane. As the head seemed to shrink, an onslaught of spastic energy and creative inspiration struck, as we lucidly navigated through our surroundings, freshly fascinated at the visceral details.

  Still, we had main control; it was a very functional plane. The core and face were lit with energy but the rest of the body was exempt from being physically impaired. Critics actually wondered aloud  how such functionality was possible when feeling so high. Vice smokers tried another bong rip after 20 minutes, even after admitting how electric their eyes were.

  Yet, in terms of making decisions, we were all clear-eyed and clear-headed despite the headiness. It was great for night time projects--even trusty for conversation or public speaking if necessary. Adding awesomeness to the day, the climb continued for another 45 minutes, not jittery, but bouncing along without danger of swampy, screwy-eyed mess. It was the quintessential functionality.

  The main high peaked for most people at about an 1.5 hours in when smoked, and lingered for another 2 hrs in descent. Although we got a lot done, our swift thinking and strategic reactions became inaccurate and clumsy over time. The energy waned, and a round of chocolate pretzels suddenly took main focus. Hit up this SLH before your rafting expedition or frolfing tourney, when both functionality, and adventurous spirit, must be conjured.

Photography by Ry Prichard of Cannabis Encyclopedia