Lemon OG from Three Rivers

Lemon OG from Three Rivers

March 25, 2020

Lemon OG was one of Colorado’s first signature dispensary selections (no surprise -- seems like it’s always been a staple in the community). It’s easy to see why: it’s super-versatile, the kind of hybrid that can be hit wherever, whenever (or at least, after lunch). The body high is pacifying, but the head soars. This is your “out with the friends” or “up late gaming” or “jam session” strain, one that chills pretty hard but veers without fail into mystic philosophical and creative tangents.

We were jazzed to get our very fruity sample from Three Rivers. The morsels were well-trimmed and golden in their crystal cover, across a canvas of nonchalant green interwoven with rustic brown hair. Their textbook-perfect density was a hot topic of discussion. “Not airy but also not so dense that it seems to break up into small pebbles,” gushed one critic. As expected the tang of lemon radiated from the nugget, with subtle pinewood and skunk notes, all very delicious and ready for sparking.

The spark brought on mild spaciness with a solid body rumble, but took a full 10 minutes to set in. It was hard to say exactly what was going on as our augmented senses transformed the surroundings. A staggering vividness brightened each color, yet like everything was through a vintage lens. Time itself seemed to shift because we had difficulty keeping up from one viewframe to the next through our own eyeballs. Needless to say, it was plenty psychedelic.

Meanwhile the body fell into a rhythm, devoid of tension, and deep breathing came naturally. While not necessarily impaired, we were certainly weak in the muscles and disoriented as the brain struggled to balance things out. Over time this made it the ideal strain for watching a great movie or “playing Minecraft for hours.” Critics were able to chill however they wanted, from watching a film to taking a nap. For all of us, the happy, calm state permeated the entire experience, and without burnout.

As a hybrid, Lemon OG is slightly more indica than sativa, but that was hard to tell, given how equally starry-eyed and idle we were for the 2-3 hours of cloud-walking. The strain helped us write, produce, enjoy our lives without zapping us completely out of the air. Then again, it did force us to slow down and explore no matter how much momentum we had. As one critic put it, this tart stone “helps you forget your bad days.”