Tangerine Chem from Colorado BestBudz

Tangerine Chem from Colorado BestBudz

May 11, 2016

Colorado Best Budz's Tangerine Chem delivers a moderately strong high with mild mental stimulation. As to be expected with any strain crossed with Chemdog, she produces heavy euphoric effects felt throughout the entire body, and its first name promotes its tangy scent. Zoning-out after a day of activity has never felt so good.

  Cracking the bud was like peeling a Clementine, matched with aromas of pungent sugar and botanical blossoms. The buds were shamrock green with bright orange clusters and trichome-speckled hairs. The smoke was luscious and smooth, with a hint of cloves, and a spicy gumdrop aftertaste.

  The first puff was powerful--our minds slowly began to zone-out within minutes, lost in the noise outside and the afternoon shadows. Short bursts of spastic and psychedelic energy helped maintain a steady and euphoric high. But we couldn’t move, either. A heightened sense of hearing was shared by at least a alert few critics, who “picked out every note and instrument in the music.”

  With the body climbing to state of relaxation, we were amply satisfied to remain still on the couch. The overall effects of the strain lasted just under four hours --plenty of time to find a  comfortable corner to relax in. This is the strain to help kick your feet up and breathe after a long-day at the office. With a minor case of the munchies, one critic discovered Italian meatballs and tall glass of whiskey. “It makes a great experience, a perfect experience,” he announced between chomps.