Wedding Cake from A Cut Above

Wedding Cake from A Cut Above

March 25, 2020

The kind folks at A Cut Above always deliver on quality, and their top shelf delicacy, Wedding Cake, is no exception. Forged from "dessert" parents GSC and Cherry Pie, this sparkling indica-heavy hybrid will put you in a sugar coma while it soothes your aches. With googly eyes, we enjoyed our sample over a long afternoon, sitting in peaceful vibrations together. 

The nuggets were compact and meaty, sporting beautiful honey-colored stubble amidst “autumn colors,” and absolutely covered--covered--in crystals. Like a “fruit salad of buds,” tangerine and lemon adjoined a sharp woody pine essence in the jar. The aroma was subtle, very smooth and fruity like shortcake -- exactly what you would expect from the offspring of Cherry Pie. It was heavy enough to lick the lips. Really, the aroma was that pungent. “My grinder still smells like cake!” one critic wrote hours later. 

She broke up easily, rolled well, and smoked smoothly, scattering the mind into a million pieces. "It's like someone shook up a can of soda and opened it in my head" one exclaimed in slurred words. The ensuing stone hovered somewhere between levity and true life fizzle-fry. Couch locked and giddy, we laughed hysterically at life in a state of carefree disconnection from the real universe like a couple of adventurers surfing out in space.

Even one puff was enough to knock us on our butts for a while. Anxiety in check, our moods were “vibrant, pleasant and joyful” toward nearly everything we encountered. “It was calming and slowed my roll, but didn't put me into a fog.” It brought upon a euphoric calm; minds stimulated, we were still laid back. Hunger was rampant, including munchies for pie (someone also ordered a pizza). For the duration, we were alert, functional, responsible, but jamming hard from anchored positions on the couch. 

A quick two hours later, the mental fiesta tapered off, but blissful stress relief continued strong up to 5-6 hours before completely wearing off. The accolades were almost too countless to publish for this “fast hitting, one way-ticket to stonytown.” “There’s no way to ‘fix’ this strain, it’s 10 ouf of 10 perfect,” one critic pined. “I want more!” “Nothing but amazement.” “Depression melts away, nausea subsides, hunger returns, happiness is in control. Anxiety is managed," wrote another. “This strain has got to be on my top 10 favorites.”