Wedding Cake from Quality Choice

Wedding Cake from Quality Choice

May 21, 2019

It’s wedding season! And by no coincidence, the popular Wedding Cake strain is everywhere. Like the real thing, it can be hard to find a memorable version; at the end of the reception, you expect to be served the same lovely-but-blaise cake as always, but what you want is a breathtaking, technicolor delicacy that forces you to hunt down an extra piece. That, friends, is the thrill of and procuring the expertly-grown, crystal-covered morsels of the strain from Quality Choice, worth returning for time and time again.

The buds were well-cured, a little fluffy, but plump and structurally perfect. The lime green was punctuated by dark splotches of amethyst and lavender, presenting what looked like sparkling jewelry, or “a photo of galaxy clusters” covered in trichomes. A woody, sweet-earth aroma played prelude to the complex flavor of “mint julep,” as if a “sprig of mint was right there in the bowl.”

The first moments were definitely deceiving. Subdued by a weight in our core, the vibrating body seemed to lead, followed by a lurking, but eventually crashing cerebral high several minutes later. “All of a sudden, things are getting zany,” announced one critic, startled by the unexpected twist. The senses heightened at exponential rates, every sound or sight stretched, as if our brains were zeroing in on frequencies in the environment. “I feel like I’m tipping sideways, am I?” another asked the group.

Although prone to sit and enjoy the surroundings--with muscles, softened like a baseball glove--there was no burnout as we mellowed, and instead a pleasant, focused energy propelling us mentally towards our various goals. Yard work was slow-going but immensely enjoyable; going through a pile of bills, less painful than usual; a rare bike ride to the store was exhilarating and inspiring, all without the demands of time present.

 With some light munchies of cereal in almond milk and V8 juice on the side, we kept things simple (though we nearly made cupcakes). The two-hour rush was not without a sort of decrescendo that carried many of us into slumber, or at least, evening routine. “This got me over my typical brick wall in the afternoon, even when I needed to numb my lower back pain,” a critic raved. “Needless to say, I’m going back for more.”