Social Media Confusion

Stoned Nutz: Social Media Confusion

June 3, 2020

I genuinely don’t know how to discuss this without offending someone but I will try my best to avoid doing so. Just understand I am seriously asking questions and not putting anyone down.

First let me say, I understand how and why people can be so passionate about marijuana. It’s an amazing plant that has a lot of medicinal uses. It’s natural, beautiful and healing.

I can honestly say and admit it might seem a bit odd but I experience what I would consider almost a religious experience when I photograph bud. I love taking pictures of the flower as each strain has it’s unique visual characteristics and each bud its own “personality." There are times when I feel such a deep connection to a particular bud that I mourn grinding it up to smoke it. There are at least 3 buds that to this day I cannot bring myself to smoke them. Not yet at least. I know, it sounds crazy but hey, this column is called “Stoned Nutz” for a reason.

How can one not be passionate or thankful to a flower that dies so you can live? How different strains actually do treat different conditions.  In addition, the different ways to consume this wonderful healing herb. I simply love learning about marijuana and sharing that knowledge with others.

What piques my curiosity are those that video themselves smoking and share it on social media. Why do you take these videos and post them? Is it because it’s finally legal and you just want to shout it from the rooftops? Most of the time I end up frustrated trying to figure out what they are using and how they are actually going about using it. Sometimes I will actually ask but many times I feel like such a dumbass, I don’t.

I have seen negative comments from other social media users saying things like “smoking weed and videoing it, still doesn’t make you cool”. First, that’s rude. Second, if you don’t smoke, you should, it might make you a nicer person. If you already smoke, then you are overdue for your next dose.

Personally I don’t think the majority of people do this to try to be cool. Perhaps maybe to get attention, especially the girls who have their cameras angled to their cleavage? Yeah, I admit it, I am a bit jealous my boobs aren’t perky anymore. Just what I needed, more everyday reminders of this.

Maybe these people are generally exhibitionist and people that watch more voyeuristic? Or it’s just a way to commune with others while smoking. Like a giant stoner living room, perhaps? That feeling of connection over a shared passion? 

I have never been one who liked being in front of the camera. Even when I was a pretty young squirrel, I preferred being the one taking the picture not being in the picture. So maybe that’s why I don’t get the videos that just show people smoking without educating.

Then I started asking myself, what do people think about my photographing weed? Maybe that seems weird to them? After all, did I ever take macro photos of my big pharma drugs? No, that would be really nutz, right? I also would never take pictures or video myself getting drunk, then again, I don’t drink. Thank goodness I did all my drinking and idiotic stuff prior to cell phones or small camcorders (yes I am old, I turn 50 in 4 months!). Had I grown up in the age of selfies perhaps I would be posting videos of me smoking? Maybe this is a sign that I am really, truly over the hill now?

Wacky Racky, from New Mexico, writes about her exploration into the realms of cannabis. Find more of her insight, reviews and macro photography at   [Pictured Above - Racky's photo of a local strain of Terple]