Stoned Nutz: Wacky Racky Reviews The Big

Stoned Nutz: Wacky Racky Reviews The Big

July 21, 2020

Strain: The Big
Dominance: Hybrid

This is Indica-dominant hybrid is documented as 75/25% but to me it feels and hits like a straight 50/50%. The batch I smoked came from UltraHealth and tested at 13.29% THC.

It tasted like orange blossoms and berries with a hint of pine, with an aroma like spiced oranges.  

   I think this strain excels at treating conditions of the mind--well, except anxiety. This strain increased my heart rate and made me a bit paranoid (two things that really don't help a squirrel who looks mange-ridden when anxiety flares up).. After all, people tend to avoid you when you look diseased, know what I mean? Wait, maybe that's a good thing with Covid-19 going around...hmmmm

   It didn't give me couchlock but it also didn't touch the pain in my body. My head is definitely feeling no pain, a great benefit -- if it was my head or face that hurt. This flower also made my nausea worse. Which I guess could be a plus in the fatass department, but I am too old to care about size. What can I say, I like food? No, I lie, I LOVE food.

   Personally I would not suggest this strain for pain or nighttime use. It's too brain-stimulating and stays heady. It definitely sparks creativity. Great for working on your comedic writing. As it has the uncanny ability to help you build confidence in your own witty humor. Or at least it convinces you that you are truly friggin’ hilarious. What's not to like about that superpower? 

   I give it a 3 out of 5 nuts.

Wacky Racky, from New Mexico, writes about her exploration into the realms of cannabis. Find more of her insight, reviews and macro photography at   [Pictured Above - Racky's photo of The Big]