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June 24, 2018
San Francisco, CA

CannLabs Test Results: 24.37% THC

The decision between Tagalong’s and Samoa’s might be difficult, but at least you only have to decide once a year. Not so much with the readily-available and hot-trending strain, Girl Scout Cookies. As one of the most sought-after on the market, and so many shops starting to sell it, how do you know which one is superior? One method is a taste test--and we had the pleasure of sampling a homegrown version from Denver’s Fox Street Wellness.
   GSC is hyped as a dessert strain, perhaps something to pair with a Port wine, and our frosty specimen delivered just that. Her floral notes were spicy and musky, with the tart of an alpine fir in Spring. The smoke however, was sweet and creamy as a Thin Mint, even with a hint of Lemonades. Something about it made us think of Headband.
   Our first hits brought upward euphoric elevation with quick slam for 10 minutes, then grew steadily for another half-hour. This increased with each puff but we didn’t need much. Even as temporarily focused and determined as we became, there was a sense of peace accompanying the mobility, slowing time itself.
   With genetic heritage from Durban Poison, OG & Cherry Kush’s, this hybrid delivered both immediate sativa energy before leveling into an indican relaxed state for 2-3 hours. Moods were elevated at first, and then indifference. One reviewer immediately left to bowl what would be the best game of his life, good enough to earn a bowling badge. “My concentration was improved,” he said. “But I could barely get my shoes off at the end. I was spent.” Likewise, we generally didn’t feel tired until finally sitting down, and then did not move thereafter.   
   Munchies came and went. At the time, actual real Girl Scout Cookies were still available, and a couple of us sped off to local grocery stores looking for cookie peddlers, only to settle on Wahoo’s in the end. When sampled at night, post-work, it provided that necessary jolt to whip up a fresh dinner and get to the couch to start a movie until full-bodied lethargy kicked in. Keep this selection in the repertoire for Tuesday night bowling (and any afternoon or evening before winding down).

Published on April 7, 2014
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