Cookies Kush from Canna Meds

Cookies Kush from Canna Meds

May 11, 2016

If you’re looking for a potent indica hybrid worthy of a Cannabis Cup, feast your sweet tooth on Cookies Kush from Canna Meds. This powerful offspring of Girl Scout Cookies and OG Kush produces a relaxing and pain-alleviating high that is second to none. And, like all other award-winning strains from Canna Meds, you can actually taste the full bloom, quality flush and cure.

Dense and resistant to a good squeeze, the buds were tight and fluffy little green rocks. Fantastic amber pistil stubble curled around the compact nugs as a protective coat of arms to the cream-colored crystal-cover. A mixture of chem and sugary earth essence emerged from the grind and kept this sample a mystery, as the Cookies would not relinquish her secrets so easily.

The burn was a pleasure. Her unmistakeable rich and full-bodied flavor left the taste of cream on the lips. The effects slowly crept up. First waves were felt in the crown of the head, tingling for what seemed like a long moment -- but time had slowed to a crawl. Every movement occurred in slow motion. In just five minutes we resonated with an uplifting head high, supplementing a peaceful body buzz.

We were collectively impressed by the wonderful alleviation of pain in particular. For a few of us, however, the resounding high added 10 pounds of weight on the eyelids and prompted the transition to slumber in a matter of minutes, especially after dinner. Those of us who remained awake felt the effects for hours after partaking.  

Perfectly paired for a relaxing evening with salty pretzels and an ice-cold blueberry lemonade, this selection will have you walking laps from the couch to kitchen. Then again, if you struggle with insomnia, one or two of these cookies before bed is all you’ll need to ensure “sweet” dreams.