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May 24, 2018
San Francisco, CA

A glistening mutant of the Purps genotype, Urkle is some of the most exotic-looking bud you’ll find. Ala Mardi Gras, the bright green calyxes, orange pistils, and dark purple leaves create an a beautiful and colorful spectacle that naturally signals festive times. The personal cure added a hint of woodiness to the overall aroma from our specimen, but the taste was definitive grape. Not the fruit itself, or even jelly, per se, but clear and utter grape SweetTart. The large, silver-dollar sized SweetTart.
   We were bedazzled from the start. The bud was best packed and smoked when ground-up, and similar to pressing a fresh, milky sugar cube into millions of tiny crystals, with bursts of subtle citrus/Tang filling the air. It burned smoothly, with pure white ash in the bowl and almost no smoke upon exhale. Just like velvet.
   The first puff yielded subtle sinking sensations in the palms, spine and posterior. Tingling began at the back of the head but no extraordinary mind-numbing was noted just yet. The second puff was held in for stronger effect, which brought out a luscious Pinot Noir after-taste.
   Immediately, new and exciting effects hit throughout the body. Pressure points were most affected, and seemed to ring with soothing waves. No one complained of cerebral impairment, but it was obvious that the high was creeping into the head, starting with muscles in the torso.
   Urkle is a great body strain that focuses on relaxation, but it will cause heaviness and lethargy throughout the nervous system. It made concentration possible, but also demanded a comfortable chair and short task list. Ideal for baseball games or a post-dinner puff, the strain also offered a sort of numbness to negative environmental situations like loud noises and hot temperatures. Taken after 8pm, however, expect to be searching for a pillow. Some of the smaller-framed critics were exhausted at only 50 minutes in, when the head rush was at its climax.

17.85% Total Cannabinoids

Photo Courtesy of Cannabis Encyclopedia

Published on July 22, 2014
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