Expert review of user experience coupled with cannabinoid potency testing and weed pics of Colorado Clear from Altitude Organic Medicine of Colorado Springs, CO

Altitude Organic Medicine's critique for Colorado Clear


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April 21, 2018
San Francisco, CA

CannLabs Test Results: 71.01% THC

Altitude Organic first made a splash years ago when they came out with the first branded ‘Caviar’ (hash-oil infused nuggets rolled in kief) distributed around town. Now the dispensary has another gem circulating through Denver stores on the wholesale market: Colorado Clear. One of the first well-marketed dab-able solventless concentrates, this one sets a high potency precedent by testing at solvent levels (a very admirable 71.01% THC).
   Our helping of the potent potable was light-complexioned and crumbled in thin crisps. Critics noted a bouquet of aromatic variety: it was was tart and peppery specimen with a lingering pine tree perfume. A berry--even definitively “concord grape”--taste sprung forth with the dab, which smoked clean and clear. Another critic brought out a bowl of opium-blueberry and it worked well as a topper.
   Immediate effects were pulverizing. The space-out was immediate, as if sucked down a long worm-hole. On the other side was momentary confusion and general disorientation. All of us, with things to do and places to go, could not go anywhere, much less answer phone calls. One critic gave up trying to write the review and brought out a micro tape-recorder, something we hadn’t seen since 1999.
   The initial blast lasted a full 90 minutes before a more peaceful lull settled in. Perfect for a lazy Sunday, a mere dab or two planted us to the couch where “TV was pretty captivating,” and board games next to the fireplace felt natural. Save one craving for raspberry-cheesecake cookies, there were no notable munchies, but ice-cold lemonade really hit the spot. Pair with a Belvedere Vodka-lemonade for the ultimate garnish.
   The critics recommend CO Clear for those weekend afternoons out by the grill, when all you have to do is flip a burger or steak. At 3-6 hours average climb and descent, there’s no better excuse to finally relax and breathe in the air, just as long as you’ve cleared your schedule.

Published on April 7, 2014
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