Grapefruit Crush from Sinsemilla Gardens

Grapefruit Crush from Sinsemilla Gardens

February 6, 2016

A hearty serving of Grapefruit Crush is just the fruity boost a discerning cannabis enthusiast needs for breakfast. This potent sativa from Sinsemilla Gardens combines the uplifting and energetic effects of a mild sugar rush, yet somehow keeps you calm and focused enough to get through the day without looking like a clumsy sidewalk philosopher.

  Our sample nugget was covered in bright orange pistils like a fiery orangutan. As we broke up the bud, a massive trichome trove unfolded in surprise splendor. It wasn’t until the initial grind that the trademark sweet citrus and grapefruit fully unlocked in the air. Mouth-watering to say the least.

  The anticipation of the flavor from the first citrusy puff surprised us, ironically, as it brought out more “au naturale pine essence.”  But nonetheless, there was little time to discuss taste in the moments that followed. A powerful yet delayed cerebral high hit us like a freight train and gave our critics a hilarious case of the giggles for (up to) hours.  The sensation was like that of an invisible hat, only more like wearing a knight’s helmet.

 Social and endearing, the best way to enjoy the strain was with friends. A wonderful bonus was the alertness even hours after smoking. One critic decided to start watching a documentary, while another dominated some n00bs in Grand Theft Auto. Grapefruit Crush sparked the pursuit of hefty amounts of information and adventure. Pair with a frosty root beer float and some of Willy Wonka’s finest candy.

Photo by Ry Prichard